Rock House Retro Poker Shirt Card Suits Button Front Shirt
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Item #: C108
Manufacturer: Rock House

This Rock House Clothing Shirt features embroidered card suit designs on the front of the shirt. It is soft and comfortable. It makes a great poker shirt, Vegas shirt, car club shirt or bowling shirt. Polyester Microfiber that is soft and silky.

Rock House is now a division of Dragonfly Clothing. Rock House Clothing blends the spirit of Rock and Roll with Car Culture cuts and styles. The button front shirts are a looser, comfortable fit that will take you from work to the club in style.

Sizing on Rock House Brand Fashion Shirts - These are the shirt chest measurements.

Size Medium: 44 Inch Chest.

Size Large: 48 Inch Chest.

Size XL: 52 Inch Chest.

Size XXL: Size 54 Inch Chest.

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