Rocker Jewelry Metal Blue Lapis Scarab Pendant
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Item #: A740
Manufacturer: Rocker Jewelry
Mfg ID: GGScarblp1
Stunning Scarab Design Rocker Jewelry Pendant.This Pendant is really unique. It is a large 2 3/4 inch x 2 inch pendant in a multi dimensional setting of a large Egyptian look background setting with a Blue Lapis semi-precious stone surrounded by blue sparkly stones with a large metal scarab beetle in the center. Lots of texture and metal detailing make this pendant quite unique.The Lapis Blue Stone is really eye catching. The chain is attached. This one looks great on guys and gals.
Customer Reviews
Carrie West of Portland Oregon
Just saw Adam Lambert wearing this Pendant!!!
I was at the July 5th American Idol Tour and saw this amazing Scarab pendant on Adam Lambert. He had it on during his David Bowie Fame song. He looked amazing wearing it. He must really love your stuff as he seems to wear lots of your pendants!
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